Create, manage and send delivery notes in seconds.

Control all your packing slips in one place and forget about spreadsheets and paperwork.

Instantly signed packing slips.

Forget about complications. Get and store your customers' signatures on each packing slip quickly and easily. All in one place, always accessible.

Keep track of everything in one click.

Simplify your management, avoid confusion and have total control over the status of each delivery note instantly.

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It's all calculated by itself.

Don't waste time adding up the concepts or calculating taxes. We know that your time is precious and you want it to be easy.

Personalize it with your logo and send it to your customers.

They will be created with your logo and with a very professional image. Impress your customers by sending delivery notes quickly and with a serious image.

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From packing slips to invoices in an instant.

Transforming your packing slips into invoices is easier and faster than ever. Simplify your workflow, save time and issue invoices with just a few clicks.

Download your packing slips at any time.

With taclia, the freedom to access your packing slips is in your hands. Download them whenever you want, without complications. Your information, your control, always available.

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