Create payment links in seconds.

Sell anywhere without the need for a website.
Generate and send payment links in a few clicks. Your customer clicks and pays without errors.
No permanence and no hidden fees.
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Charge remotely or with a dataphone | taclia

Payment links for businesses.

Generate payment links without complications.

Share a link to get paid
Control the status of payments.
Get paid directly from your invoices and appointments.

Everything offered by taclia payment links.

Secure payments

No hidden costs

From your computer, tablet or mobile

Easy withdrawals

Updated reports

When and where you want

No hidden costs and no permanence.

A single fee per transaction, with no surprises or small print.
Transaction surcharge (only available in Spain)
Management system included.
Fraud prevention.
Compliance with PCI standards.

taclia adapts to your business.

More efficiency for your team and your customers

Professional services

Manage tasks, organize your schedules and optimize your deliveries.
Adjust rates and optimize your collections.
Get paid online or in person from your mobile phone or computer.

Personal care and beauty centers

Get paid instantly with a payment link.
Appointments and shifts integrated in the same schedule.
History of payments and services.

Clinics and healthcare

Share payment links with your customers via WhatsApp or email.
Unify your customer information, appointments and data collections in one place.
Detailed reports on your collections and expenses.

Maintenance and technical services

Centralized billing, accessible at any time.
Immediate payment upon completion of services.
Efficient management of your team with automatic time and absence control.
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What is a payment link?

A payment link is a unique link that a business or professional sends or provides to a customer to make a payment securely and quickly. When clicked, the customer is redirected to a payment page where they can enter their payment details and complete the transaction.

How does a payment link work?

A payment link works by generating a customised link through a payment platform. This URL includes the necessary information about the transaction, such as the amount to be paid and the description of the service or product. The customer receives the link, clicks and is redirected to a secure page where they can complete the payment using their credit card, debit card, or alternative payment methods.
If you would like to know more about our latest updates we recommend you read more about how we revolutionised charging for business.

What are the advantages of using a collection link?

The advantages of using a collection link are:

  • Ease of use: Allows customers to pay quickly and easily with a single click.
  • Security: Uses secure connections and encryption to protect customer data.
  • Versatility: It can be sent via email, WhatsApp, social media or any other communication platform.
  • Error reduction: Minimises data entry errors, as the transaction information is pre-configured in the link.
  • Convenience: The customer can make the payment anytime, anywhere.

Is it safe to use payment links?

Yes, it is safe to use payment links as long as you use reliable and secure payment platforms. These platforms often employ advanced security measures, such as SSL encryption, to protect your customers' payment details.

What should I consider when choosing a platform to generate payment links?

When choosing a platform to generate payment links, we recommend that you consider:

  • Security: Ensure that the platform complies with security and data protection regulations.
  • Ease of use: It should be intuitive and easy to use for both you and your customers.
  • Price: Review transaction fees and any associated costs.
  • Customer support: Choose a platform that offers good support in case you need help.

Can I customise a payment link?

Yes, with taclia it is possible to customise payment links. You can include details such as the customer's name, the description of the product or service.