Management software for facilities, construction and maintenance.

Improve your project management with our facility management software. Enjoy hassle-free management with increased productivity.

Manage your customers and internal tasks with ease.

Create and manage one-time or recurring tasks in seconds. Manage all tasks with our construction management software. Simplify the organization and improve the productivity of your maintenance, facilities and construction projects.

Control hours worked and clockings from any device.

Confirm the presence of your workers in the assigned services, manage pending hours and allow your employees to manage their activity hours from any device with our software for construction sites.

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Submit work orders in just a few clicks.

Personalize work reports and send them to the customer in seconds from your mobile. With the taclia App, your employees can forget about paperwork and manage everything digitally and quickly. Improve communication and streamline operational processes in your business.

Quick and easy collections.

Facilitate the payment process with our construction management software. Let your workers get paid instantly and control all payments from a single place.

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Geolocation of services and employees.

Visualize your team on a map and get detailed information about their positions and routes. Ensure punctuality and service quality from anywhere and streamline the coordination and supervision of your employees.

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Everything you need, from anywhere, at any time. Use our App on tablets and mobiles, Android or iOS.

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What is construction management software?

A construction management software is a digital tool designed to help construction companies plan, coordinate and manage their construction projects efficiently. This software includes functionalities such as task tracking, budget and invoice management, and time tracking.
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What are the advantages of construction management software?

The advantages of using construction management software are:

  • Organisational improvement: Facilitates project planning and monitoring.
  • Increased efficiency: Saves time in processes and reduces time spent on administrative tasks.‍
  • Cost control: Helps to manage budgets and avoid unnecessary expenses.‍
  • Communication: Improve communication between team members and with customers.

How to choose the best construction management software for my business?

To choose the best construction management software, we recommend that you consider:

  • Features: Make sure the software offers the features you need, such as project management, time tracking, and budget and invoice tracking.‍
  • Usability: It should be easy to use for all workers.‍
  • Pricing: Evaluate the cost of the software and whether it offers value for money.

What is a construction management programme?

A construction management software is an application designed to help construction companies manage their projects more efficiently. It includes tools to plan and coordinate tasks, manage resources, and monitor project progress.
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