Task management software.

Say goodbye to task chaos with taclia. Our easy to use platform simplifies task management in your business, eliminating complexity and unnecessary costs. Organize, assign and track the progress of your projects in an intuitive way.

Manage, assign and control all the tasks and services of your business from a single device.

Manage and assign tasks to your employees easily.

Create single or recurring tasks in seconds, organize them effortlessly and view them in calendar, list or dashboard format. Keep track of all your tasks and your team's tasks in one place.

Use the task manager and always meet your deadlines.

Have control over deadlines, estimate the time needed for each task and, best of all, receive notifications when they are met. Say goodbye to stress and delays.

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Organize tasks according to the availability of your employees.

With taclia's task management software, access the calendar of all your employees to assign tasks easily. Know everything that happens in your business whenever you want.

App to organize tasks, for Android and iOS.

Manage your tasks from your mobile or tablet with the taclia app. You no longer need to get home or to the office to handle your business. All the information in your pocket.

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The task management software that saves calls and WhatsApp messages.

The task management software that eliminates endless calls and messages. Facilitates quick communication with your employees and suppliers, avoiding wasted time and misunderstandings. Includes unlimited users for free.

What is task management software?

A task management software is a digital tool that helps individuals and teams to organise, prioritise and keep track of their tasks and projects. This type of software allows for better planning and coordination of work.

What are the advantages of using task management software?

The advantages of using task management software are:

  • Improved organisation: Facilitates the planning and monitoring of tasks.
  • Increased productivity: Helps prioritise tasks and reduce time spent on non-essential activities.
  • Improved communication: Facilitates collaboration and communication between team members.
  • Performance analysis: Provides reports and statistics to help assess the progress and performance of the team.

How to choose the best task management software?

To choose the best task management software, we advise you to consider:

  • Features: Make sure the software offers the features you need, such as task assignment, progress tracking and project management.
  • Usability: It should be intuitive and easy to use for all team members.
  • Pricing: Evaluate the price of the software and whether it offers value for money.

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