Time tracking software.

Signing up for work with your mobile phone has never been easier. It increases productivity and complies with the law.

Manage, assign and control all the tasks and services of your business from a single device.

Control your working hours and those of your employees.

Plan your work better by consulting your team's recorded time in real time.

Centralize time recording and reduce absenteeism.

Save time managing human resources with an easy time control system. Keep overtime and pending work up to date.

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The job transfer programme that complies with the law.

taclia is always up to date with current regulations. You should only record the hours worked.

Use stopwatch signing and improve productivity.

Sign in and out with one click and meet the established times.

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Time tracking app for work.

Use the taclia app to sign up and keep track of your business hours. For unlimited users.

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What does it mean to clock in at work with a mobile phone?

Mobile clocking in and out refers to the process of clocking in and out of work using a mobile device or tablet. This method is becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience and the flexibility it offers workers in a business.

How can I clock in at work with my mobile?

Mobile clocking in and out at work is often done using a specific application that allows employees to clock in and out. These apps may include features such as geolocation to verify the employee's location when clocking in and synchronisation with other personnel management systems.

What are the advantages of mobile clocking in at work?

The advantages of mobile clocking in at work are:

  • Flexibility: Allows employees to clock in from any location and using a mobile phone or tablet.
  • Accuracy: Reduces errors in the recording of hours worked.
  • Ease of use: It is a convenient and fast way to clock in and out of work.

Is it safe to clock in at work with my mobile phone?

Yes, clocking in at work with your mobile phone is safe as long as you use trusted applications and take appropriate security measures, such as data encryption and identity verification.