Management system for shops and establishments.

Improve your business today with our retail software and forget about administrative chaos. Enjoy efficient and error-free management.

Easy time control and guaranteed legal compliance.

Easily manage your team's timekeeping and ensure a smooth and compliant operation. Easily record, request and approve absences, and view a single calendar to keep track of your team's availability.

Comprehensive budget and invoice management.

Create and send quotes and invoices quickly and easily. Use our merchant management system to send everything by email in one click, and monitor the status of payments.

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Centralises customer and order management.

Quickly access your customers' history, view their orders, purchases and delivery dates. All this information is available at any time and from anywhere. With our retail management system, simplify your processes and maintain total control over your business..

Product and service catalogue integrated with quotations and invoices.

Easily control all your rates and keep your business always up to date. With our shop management software, optimise your business performance, save time in administration and minimise errors.

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Create and control tasks from your computer or mobile.

Easily monitor tasks wherever and whenever you need to. Assign employees, set completion dates and check progress on a single calendar for everyone. With our retail management software, keep your team always on top of things. Available for Android and iOS.

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Jobs and supporting documents included: Forget about paperwork.

Record work slips and get your customers' signatures quickly and easily. Say goodbye to paperwork with our shop and retail management software. Keep everything organised and accessible in one place.

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What is trade management software?

Retail management software is a digital tool designed to help retailers manage all aspects of their shops, from inventory to sales and customer relations. This type of software offers functionalities that optimise the daily operations of the business.If you are self-employed, we recommend that you read more about the keys to correct tax management.

What are the advantages of using trade management software?

The advantages of using trade management software are:

  • Better inventory control: Helps to manage stock efficiently and avoid stock outs.
  • Increased productivity: Facilitates task management and reduces time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Improved customer service: Facilitates tracking of sales and customer preferences.
  • Data analysis: Provides reports to help make informed decisions.

How to choose the best retail management software for my shop?

To choose the best retail management software, we recommend that you consider:

  • Features: Make sure the software offers the features you need, such as inventory management, sales and customer CRM.
  • Usability: It should be intuitive and easy to use for all employees.
  • Price: Evaluate the price of the software and whether it offers value for money.

What is a shop management programme?

A shop management software is an application that helps retailers manage their daily operations, including inventory management, sales and customer relations. This type of software can be a comprehensive solution that encompasses all aspects of shop management.
For a clearer and more visual example we invite you to watch the video of Valquiria Studio and how taclia helps them in the day-to-day running of their business.