Easy and from anywhere.

With the taclia app, you'll have everything in your pocket: you can keep track of your employees, access the calendar or job information, and much more.

Manage, assign and control all the tasks and services of your business from a single device.

Check the calendar and assign jobs.

You no longer need to be at home or in the office to plan and assign tasks. You can also compare your team's calendars to see their availability.

Help your employees arrive informed.

The APP allows you to connect the office to the field, so employees will have all the information such as the customer's name, phone number, internal notes, budgets and much more.

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You'll know what was done in each job and client.

A lot of time is wasted calling colleagues to check things out. With taclia you can access the customer's history and all the information about what was done.

Upload everything in the app. Say goodbye to paperwork.

Your employees will be happy to eliminate paperwork and insert everything into the APP in an intuitive way. You can configure the forms to fill in the information you want.

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Reduce calls and whatsapps.

The information will be accessible, so you'll avoid hundreds of calls to learn customer details or job information.

Create quotes and invoices in seconds.

The taclia APP allows you to do everything from anywhere. On the visit itself? In the cafeteria? In your vehicle? From the couch? Wherever you want. We make it easy.

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