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With taclia you can control and manage your assets and inventory at any time and from anywhere.

Access the status of your assets instantly.

Register all your assets on our platform: machines, tools, materials and equipment.

Schedule tasks for your team and follow up in real time until they're completed.

Access all the work that has been done on your assets with just one click.

Save time in management and maintenance by controlling all your assets in a centralized way.

Work faster with QR codes.

Increase your team's productivity by using QR codes to discover the status of your assets.

Follow your team's activity in real time with our tracking technology.

Communicate directly and quickly with your team with our 24-hour chat and automatic alerts.

Identify your problematic assets with our personalized reports and data.

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Get real-time reports and make decisions. You will have detailed reports of all the tasks and failures in your inventory and assets so that you can know at all times what is happening in your business.