Manage the day to day of your business with personalized data and reports.

We centralize all your service data so you can make decisions and know what's happening in your business every day.

Make decisions with automated reports.

Access the complete list of data for each of your services, internal team and suppliers.

Check the task history of your business and measure the SLAs of your suppliers.

Get immediate information about the most frequently requested services.

Keep track of all your expenses and classify them by project, customers, date and many more features.

Access all the information from anywhere.

Discover the history of all your services.

Check which tasks are completed, pending, or need to be followed up.

Get immediate notifications about the progress of your tasks and services.

Achieve operational excellence with our centralized tracking and data technology.

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Classify your invoices by project, customer, date and many more options. Access all your expenses and income from one place.