Customize, manage and ship the parts in seconds.

With the taclia application, you can customize the working parts so that everything can be done from your mobile phone and sent to the customer in seconds.

Gestiona, asigna y controla todas las tareas y servicios de tu negocio desde un único dispositivo.

All on the mobile. Goodbye to paperwork.

Your employees will be happy to eliminate paperwork and insert everything into the APP in an intuitive way. We connect the land with the office, reducing administrative tasks.

Customize the fields and forms however you want.

You can adapt the platform 100% to your business. We've made it very easy for you to add as many fields as you want and assemble it to your needs.

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It ensures that there is nothing left to fill.

You choose the fields that are filled in and the compliance, so I'm sure that the information you need is collected well and there's nothing left to do.

Ask the customer for the signature from your mobile phone.

Everything is quick and easy to save time and have everything covered from taclia.

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Send it to customers with one click.

You can send the part to the customer in seconds and from wherever you want. Be better than your competitors by giving a very powerful company image. Fast and professional.

Transforma la gestión de tu negocio

Contacta con nosotros y empieza a gestionar las tareas diarias de tu negocio como nunca antes lo habías hecho.

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