Organize your work in seconds.

With one click you'll see everything. At taclia, we make it very easy for you to organize your tasks and those of your team.

Manage, assign and control all the tasks and services of your business from a single device.

Assign tasks and keep everything under control.

Create unique or recurring internal tasks in seconds, and you can view them in a calendar, list or board format. You have control of all your tasks and those of your team in one place.

Ensure performance.

You'll have full control over due dates, you'll be able to estimate the time needed for each task and, best of all, you'll receive notifications when they're due. No more stress or delays!

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Check the availability of your employees.

Has an emergency task come up? Don't you know what your team is doing? With taclia you can access the general calendar to assign tasks and see everything that happens.

Don't wait to get home or the office.

You can manage all your tasks from your mobile phone with the taclia APP. On the visit itself? In a coffee shop? Sitting in a park? We make it easy for you to do it from wherever you want.

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Avoid hundreds of whatsapps and calls.

Your employees and/or suppliers will be able to access the computer or the APP to see what they need to do and be able to communicate efficiently.