Make it easy on your clinic.

Organize your patients' appointments quickly with taclia's agenda. Access histories, manage internal tasks and much more.

Organize appointments, patients and services in your digital agenda.

Plan your clinic appointments quickly and easily. Organize your business better thanks to taclia's digital agenda, with which you'll know what the next appointments are and which employee will manage them.

Configure the information you need from your patients in seconds.

Access the information of all your patients in a few seconds and offer them a more personalized and attentive service.

Get paid instantly in an easy way.

Assign the rates for your services, choose the payment method, charge online or in person, and generate sales tickets instantly. Control the status of your receipts in one place.

Ask your patient for their signature digitally.

Send documents to the customer digitally. Signing up instantly with the taclia APP is quick and easy. Don't waste time organizing and sorting documents.

100% customizable based on your clinic.

Configure taclia your way, adjusting it 100% to your clinic. You can customize all the documents so that your team fills in the information you need for each service.

Fideliza a nuevos clientes ahorrando tiempo y dinero

Automatiza procesos y tareas desde hoy para ofrecer una experiencia personalizada a tus actuales y futuros clientes.

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