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taclia revolutionizes charging for all businesses


The startup is developing this new feature so that businesses can make it easier for their users and customers to pay for their orders or services remotely or in person.

taclia has also introduced Online Booking, a digital calendar for receiving online bookings through the platform.

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Barcelona, November 6, 2023.- taclia, the management software that makes daily business operations easier, has launched a new Payments feature so that its clients can directly charge from the tool. "One of the strengths of this new payment service is its price transparency and accessibility, allowing freelancers and businesses to charge quickly and easily from a single tool," explains Alex Casals, founder and CEO of taclia. The new Payments service is available to all businesses using taclia software for their daily business management, even for those with a free plan. Users will only pay a commission for each sale made through the platform. 

Benefits of the taclia Payments service

taclia's payment service stands out, among other things, for three main features that allow businesses to centralize the management of the entire billing process with their clients: payment links and recurring charges.

Payment Links: From the platform, personalized payment links can be generated to share with clients through messages, emails, and social media. This feature is ideal for freelancers and companies offering professional services, such as consulting and freelancers, as well as a wide range of businesses looking to streamline their billing processes.

Recurring Charges: This functionality will be available soon and taclia will offer it to further facilitate income management. It is especially suitable for clinics, gyms, and businesses that schedule regular payments to their clients.


Online booking, online reservations through taclia

In addition to this important novelty from taclia, another feature that will further facilitate daily management is the Online Booking. According to Alex Casals, "this is another step towards total centralization of the business in one place, incorporating direct contact with end customers." This new functionality allows businesses to create a profile with their list of services, prices, and available hours to share online. Thus, customers can make reservations directly from the Online Booking link, and the business will have full control over all services offered, a calendar with internally scheduled appointments and online appointments. In addition, taclia's CEO ads, "they have the advantage of offering this convenience to their clients without having to pay marketplace fees or develop their own booking tool."


Ease of use and adaptability to multiple sectors

taclia is a unique platform in the sector that combines functionalities covering businesses' essential operations, such as service and appointment planning, customer tracking, budget and invoice creation, real-time employee tracking, time and attendance control, and now also payments, among others. The tool helps its growing customer base digitize their businesses by simplifying tasks, improving productivity, and increasing efficiency.

Thanks to its great usability, taclia is an easy-to-use and customizable tool to the specific needs of each company. It can be used by businesses of all sectors and sizes. The startup is expanding its customer base at a rate of 500 companies per week, which has allowed taclia to become one of the fastest-growing management software programmes.

In April, taclia received a investment round of 6.2 million euros from Cusp Capital and Stage 2 Capital, a capital injection that is allowing the startup to further improve the product, grow its team, and scale globally.


About taclia

taclia's mission is to make daily work easier. taclia was born in response to those companies that want to digitize but need several separate applications that are generally difficult to use or costly to implement. taclia can cover all areas of the business and intuitively replace all manual processes to work better, save time, and increase sales. To achieve this, it focuses on being the easiest software to use in the market, offering key features in daily business operations such as task and service management, schedule and time tracking, customer tracking, budget and invoice creation, real-time location, and many more. Each user chooses what they want to use, anytime and from anywhere.


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