Easy charge remotely.

Activate your payments in seconds easily and quickly.
Offer a complete customer experience with
online payment.
Transparent pricing and no hidden costs.
Activate your payments now
Charge remotely or with a dataphone | taclia

Choose where and how you want to charge

Payment link - remotely

Share a link with your customers to make them pay.
Charge directly from your invoice, appointment or work.
Check the status of payments instantly.
Assign your customers to each sale generated.

Grow your business

Secure payments

No hidden costs

From your computer, tablet or mobile

Withdrawals easily

Updated reports

When and where you want

Transparent pricing.

A single fee per transaction, with no hidden costs.
Transaction surcharge (only available in Spain)
taclia management system included
Fraud prevention
Compliance with PCI standards

We adapt to your business

More efficiency for your team and your customers

Professional Services

Task management: Organize your schedules, assign users and optimize your deliveries.
Charging for Time or Service: Adjust rates and optimize your charges.
Your way: Charge online or in person from your mobile or computer.

Personal Care and Beauty

Online Collection and Fee Management: Offer payment options and adjust your prices.
Integrated Appointments and Shifts with Schedule: Avoid overlaps and organize your services.
Payment and Service History: Record all the details of your transactions.

Shops and establishments

Shift Control: Maintain efficient management of your team with automatic signing and absence control.
Payment at Points of Sale: Make payments in person with our card reader integrated into the app.
Centralized Billing: Unify all your payments and sales.

Maintenance and technical services

Charge from anywhere and instantly: Your work integrated with the Taclia Dataphone.
Your work with your schedule and clients: All controlled from one place.
Payment and Service History: Control of all your transactions.
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